27th July 2018


I approach the bridge, just a slab of concrete looming out at me from the gloomy, darkened sky. The black water swirls beneath, seemingly an endless void. In the distance, a factory pumps smoke out of its many chimneys. A traffic officer, just finishing up for the evening, throws a glare in my direction, a signal for me to stop lurking around. I take the stairway leading down to the water’s edge. It is slippery and rusted, making for a dangerous decent. I wander along the path, if you could even call it that. No one comes down here, so my feet sink into the muddy ground. A figure emerges from the dark, her silver satin dress just visible through the gloom. Nervousness creeps into my stomach. I don’t have what she wants.

My nostrils fill with the smell of antiseptic. My head aches as I glance around the small room to get a better idea of my surroundings. A single table stands near the metal bed, gleaming in the dim light. I make my way to the door and out into a corridor. It is eerily quiet and the dim lights are flickering. Room 146, that’s where I am. More windowless rooms line each side of the corridor, all empty. The room I come across next is white. A woman stands, facing away from me, almost as if she were expecting me. Her sleek black hair contrasts against the perfect white of her dress. She turns, and I realise it is her. The woman from the bridge.

she is a clone? of the woman at the bridge?

OR she gets forced (CHOSEN) to help (WITH WHAT? cloning?) and taken as prisoner because she is smart.

People get kidnapped and their brains are tested and that’s how they are chosen to ‘help’. She got kidnapped by the woman at the bridge and tested and got chosen.

She helps them but then realises it is bad and tries to escape!?

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